Sunday 9 June 2013

Conference papers

Hello again, It's been a while since my last blog, no excuses, but, things have been incredibly busy here. Tomorrow I am heading to the International Conference of Music and Emotion in Finland, where I am chairing a session on new directions and neuroscience, as well as presenting four papers (I am first author of 'Towards Affective Algorithmic Composition', as part of the BCMI-MIdAS project, and second author of 'Many Worlds: A live action short film which edits itself in real-time based on audience emotional response' with Alexis Kirke, see 'publications' section of the site). I'll be presenting two further pieces on behalf of the ICCMR, both of which are about fascinating pieces of work created by the guys here ('Insight' and 'Open Outcry', which received a lot of press last year). So it's already safe to say it will be a busy week, but furthermore I am really looking forward to the other papers as the programme looks full of interesting stuff. I will try to post a note about proceedings here when they are live. There will be another outing for a Many Worlds related paper in Stockholm this summer at the SMC conference — I'm a co-author having written about my part of the project (the techy, biosensy/video-enginey stuff), again, I've updated the publications page with the full details if you are going along, do check it out. On a similar note, regular visitors (... as if!) to my site might notice that there have been a few updates here and there, including a new excerpt in the music player. The video player is now woefully out of date, but I must confess that because of the xml tweaking involved in uploading anything new to it, it is likely to stay that way! Next time I update I will try and post a few video clips to this blog instead. That's all for now, thanks for stopping by, Duncan

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