Monday 23 October 2023

Science Museum Exhibit

 short good news story - I am featured in the new Science Museum exhibit, "Turn it Up" which opened this week and runs until May 5th 2024. The exhibit features an video piece with me presented live from our Acoustics Research Center recording studios and presents our research on human responses to sound and music. 

More info here:

Thursday 21 September 2023

two new journal papers and a new book chapter

 Sorry it's been ages hasn't it! I forget to update the news here sometimes.

New journal papers and book chapter over on the writing page.

Also, new funded projects in an EPSRC TIDAL N+ project, and a KTP knowledge transfer project have now started working with the wonderful KP acoustics group.

Finally, our work featured in the Science Museum "TURN IT UP!" Exhibition is now travelling from the Manchester MOSI, to the London Science Museum, opening on 19th Oct through to 6 May 2024.

That's enough for now I think!



Friday 16 April 2021

New book chapter


I hope you are keeping OK in these strange times. I've got a publication announcement, a new chapter in the Cambridge Companion to Video Game Music, which you can check out on the writing pages of the site.

Hopefully some more normality soon!



Tuesday 20 October 2020

New open access journal paper (another one!)

 Hi folks,

with the world of teaching and research a very unusual place right now in the pandemic, I'm pleased to say I have another new paper out in the journal Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence, the fruits of a collaboration with DC Labs' Victoria Hodge and the Electronic Engineering Department at the University of York. The details of the paper are in the writing pages here, or you can click through to the Frontiers Journal site,

Things are rather hectic at the moment so updates may be sparse between now and the end of term!

Thanks for stopping by,


Thursday 24 September 2020

New open-access journal paper


along with my colleagues Victoria Williamson (University of Sheffield), George Fazekas (Queen Mary University of London), and Bruno Fazenda (University of Salford, of course!), we have a new journal paper exploring the use of heart-rate generated music to promote running. It's in the journal Sensors, and you can see the full reference on my writing pages. 

I'm pleased to say the journal is open access, so free to read for anyone (the way research should be!). Term time is about to start, and in the current climate that means a lot more time working on our courses behind the scenes, so you might not hear from me for a while now, but thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday 22 July 2020

Virtual conferences and new book chapter


Audio Education: Theory, Culture, and Practice eBook: Walzer ...Two lockdown related updates this month. Firstly I'm very curious to attend the 20th conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), which is being held virtually for the first time ever. I have papers to present on a work-in-progress project about adaptive audio for wellbeing, with colleagues at Salford, QMUL, and Sheffield universities, and on my own project using Brain-Computer-Interfacing technology to help with audio mixing.

Secondly, I am pleased to have been able to contribute a (rather timely) chapter all about distance learning for audio engineers, to a new Routledge book, Audio Education, Theory culture and Practice 

Details of all three are in the writing pages here of course.

That's it for now, with a bit of a summer break on the horizon!

Monday 15 June 2020

Changes and new publications

Hello, I'm reflecting on my first year as a lecturer at Salford Acoustic Research Centre - a great year with a brilliant team, and fab students who have been very resilient in the midst of the global pandemic. I'm pleased to say that as of next term I will be the course leader for the Sound Engineering and Production BSc degree, which I've since found on doing some digging on Unistats, has some really nice student feedback already (pic attached!). I hope not to make a mess of them!

Also out now is an open access journal publication in Nature Scientific Data, which reports on our findings with joint EEG and fMRI studies in response to my affectively-driven algorithmic music generator - which is also available to download via the Nature website. As always, more details are available on the writing page of my site (the paper itself is free open access).

More publications coming soon - particularly two exciting book chapters and conference paper reports from the forthcoming NIME (now virtual) event in July, but until then thanks for stopping by.