Thursday 14 October 2010

Wolfson College appointment

I'm thrilled to have been offered (and to have accepted!) a 3 year post as Research MCR at Wolfson College (Oxford) - thanks due in no small part to Professor Clarke, the Heather Professor in Music, acting as referee and advising on my research proposal!! I'll be working (at least initially) on a three year project picking up where some of my PhD left off, but also treading some new ground (for me at least!).

Wolfson is the largest graduate college in Oxford, and I'm really looking forward to joining both the academic, and social communities there.

In unrelated, but no less exciting, news, I've been working as a consultant for a fantastic new module in Sound Recording Technology for a U.S. based University - but probably can't say too much about this one at the moment, so watch this space. Also plenty more to report, including some work supporting an upcoming AES London presentation, with my alma mater, the IoSR, and some cool recording projects in the next couple of months, but for now, signing out.

- D

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