Thursday 9 September 2010

Human Beatbox

Sorry about slow/no updates in a while - been very busy in the last few weeks before term starts, and I've got to fit in two weeks in Nepal first too..! For now, a bit of a blast from the past - you can read The Daily Mail's article about Gavin Tyte here. The tutorial videos they mention were created in 2004 and at the time were the first of their kind - I was responsible for filming and sound recording in the studio, as well as sync and editing over about two weeks of post-production work. The total project was whittled down to approximately 40 lessons over several hours of footage, and is available on DVD now (with various lower quality clips available on, youtube and the like!).

To be honest I'd forgotten all about it, but looking back now it was a great project to be involved in, especially as it was so pioneering at the time. Gavin is a great guy and a very talented performer too. Check it out if you've always wondered how to make those crazy drum sounds!!

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