TEDx "Music in Mind"

Music in Mind talk
TEDx Truro, "Beyond Barriers", October 27th 2017

Turn it Up at the Science Museum

Live at the British Science Festival 

British Science Festival, 11-14 September
York Press, "Deep Thinking", September 13th 2018

Live at Berlin Falling Walls

Berlin Falling Walls Engage 8-9 November 2018

Are electric vehicles good for your health?

EV Talk

Classical and Contemporary Classical Production

Reading Phoenix Choir, From the Flames CD

Recorded and Mixed by Duncan Williams (2012).

Des Oliver, The Gods of Eden Ballet

Oxford Philharmonia, (con. John Traill).
Recorded by Duncan Williams at the Sheldonian Theatre (2010).

String quartets, chamber music ensembles etc.

Above: Arditti Quartet, location recording by Duncan Williams at the Jacqueline du Pré music building (2011). 

Other productions include recordings with the BBC Singers at BBC Maida Vale, 20+ CDs for Naxos, location recording for NMC (Robert Saxton) & Martyn Harry (2 operas), a huge catalogue of chamber music sessions (Holywell music room, Jacqueline du Pré Music Building, Wadham College Chapel, Worcester College Chapel etc) and several full orchestral recording (Oxford Philharmonia, Ten Tors Orchestra etc).

Pop/Rock Production

The Dreaming Spires Brothers in Brooklyn (Clubhouse Records, CD and Vinyl)

Recorded and Mixed by Duncan Williams (2011)

Piney Gir Geronimo! (Damaged Goods Records, CD)

Additional Engineering by Duncan Williams (2010)

Zero Cipher Diary of a Sadist (Anticulture Records, CD)

Produced & Recorded by Duncan Williams (2005) 

Other credits include surround mixes for Iggy Pop and The Stooges, and production work for XFM, BBC Radio 1 (Colin Murray), Metal Hammer Magazine, Future Publishing, Rough Trade Records etc.

Research (interactive audio)

Brain-Computer Piano Interface demonstration

An experiment filming live interaction using an 8-Channel EEG (electroencephalogram) device, also known as the 'musical braincap'. This project was developed as part of the BCMI-MIdAS project for monitoring and inducing affective states at the ICCMR, Plymouth University, in conjunction with the Brain Embodiment Lab at Reading University, both in the UK.

Neural network for piano duet

An experiment filming live interaction with an artificial intelligence algorithm Duncan developed as part of the BCMI-MIdAS project.

Affective Jukebox and Generator (Source: Channel 5, Gadgetshow)

(Jukebox: Eaton and Williams, 2015, Generator: Williams, 2015).
Electroencephalogram (EEG) is used to estimate participants emotional state and select (or generate) music accordingly. Channel 5 featured this work in the first episode of series 21 of the Gadgetshow in May 2015, which the clip above is taken from.

Artificia for Neural Network and Piano (Williams, 2014)

Premiered at the Royal College of Music, London, 14 February 2015. Artificia uses the same technology as the generator in the Gadgetshow clip, but in this case material for each corner of the affective space has been input by the user to train an artificial neural network.

Unfolding Clusters (Visi, Williams, Dothel, 2013)

Spatial audio installation, sonifying biomedical data. Collaboration between UCLA Medical School, Plymouth University, and Santander Postgraduate Internationalization Scheme, for MND charity.

"The musical highlight for me, though, was Unfolding | Clusters, an audio-visual installation by Federico Visi, Duncan Williams and Giovanni Dothel. This piece explored amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a devastating disorder – also known as motor neurone disease – in which degeneration of the motor neurones leads to progressive paralysis and ultimately death, usually within only three to five years. Data relating to the disease’s development was here converted into a pulsating soundtrack of multilayered electronica, with the piece becoming more disordered and dissonant as the nervous system gradually lost control over the muscles. It was an evocative representation of the disease, and a powerful way to get people talking about ALS, for which there’s still no cure."
– James Lloyd, Focus Magazine (Science Focus, March 2015)

Concord for Five Elements (Williams, Randall-Page, 2014)

See Williams, Duncan, Peter Randall-Page, and Eduardo R. Miranda. "Timbre Morphing: Near Real-time Hybrid Synthesis in a Musical Installation." sculpture 1 (2014): 5., for further details of this multi-channel interactive mixed mode installation which was premiered at the Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival in Devon UK in 2014 and subsequently featured at the New Interfaces for Musical Expression 2015 conference in London and at the same year's International Computer Music Conference in Athens, Greece.

Film, Theatre, and Television

Many Worlds (dir. Alexis Kirke)

An algorithmic short film with narrative controlled by audience biosignals (heart rate, muscle tension, galvanic skin response, EEG)
Sound supervision, Foley, and bio-sensing engine by Duncan Williams (2013)

The Island (dir. Kirk Bexley)

Children's animation.
Music composed and produced by Duncan Williams (2002)

Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone

Studio Manager and Sound Engineering Lecturer (2004-2010). London's oldest theatre in the round.
Included numerous fringe productions and in-house engineering work for National Youth Jazz Orchestra (above)


Television work includes artist rehearsal and live music performance for Channel 5 ‘All Star Talent Show’ (Riverside Studios Hammersmith), Live performance and engineering for M-Channel (Maidstone Studios, 2005), Live appearances on Sky News Sunrise w/Eamonn Holmes (2015), and co-writer and co-presenter for BBC One ‘One Show’ on Mathematics of Music w/ Marty Jopson (2012), as well as an extensive catalogue of sound-to-picture composition and production work for EMI Production Music, DeWolfe, and from 2015- signed to Sony/ATV. Syncs include Sony Vaio, Orange Telecommunications, and several TV show stings/plays (Coronation Street etc!), beds and themes (MTV, Extreme Sports TV, ITV, ITV2 etc).

Other credits

A very incomplete list of production and other credits can be found here.
Assistant credits are not included.

p = produced
e = engineered/edited
r = recorded
c = composed
( ) = notes e.g., label, publisher, venue, distributor etc.

Engineering (inc. recording and/or editing)

Reading Phoenix Choir (Stone Records) r,e
The Queen's College Choir, Oxford Chapel Evensong r,e
The Dreaming Spires - Brothers in Brooklyn (Clubhouse Records) r,m
Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (16CD, Naxos) e
A Sentimental Journey.. (4CD, Naxos) e
Consort Iridiana - An Imaginary Pilgrimage (Wadham Chapel) r,e
Iggy and the Stooges - Extended Play (5.1 surround, DVD-a authoring) a
My Mother Told Me Not To Stare (Opera, Reading South St Arts Centre) r,e
Various - Oxford Philharmonia (Sheldonian Theatre) r,e
Society for Cutting Up Men - Demos (Loog/Polydor) r
Venus Kicks - EP (XfM, for Claire Sturgess) r,e,p
I Love / Replugged in New Cross - Venus Kicks (Rough Trade) r,e,p
This Tawdry Affair (Peaches Geldoff) - Demos r,e
Excerpts from Caritas (Saxton/Wesker, NMC), Worcester Chapel r
National Youth Jazz Orchestra - Demos (Stanza Music) e
Francisco Canaro - El Tango De Buenos Aires (Sony/DBM) r,e
The Agamemnon of Aeschylus (Oxford University Press/Blackwells) r,e
BBC Singers (Various, BBC Maida Vale 2, London) r,e
Oxford Philomusica (Various, Sheldonian Theatre Oxford) r,e
New Music Players (Various, Denis Arnold Hall Oxford) r,e
Piney Gir - Geronimo! (Damaged Goods) e
Heath Quartet (Various, Jacqueline du Pré Music Building) r,e


London International Music Show, ExCEL Centre, London (Vigier Guitars)
Live TV, Channel 5, Riverside Studios Hammersmith
(w/ Myleen Klass, Bernie Nolan, Julian Clary..)
M-Channel, Maidstone studios, Kent
Hard Rock Hell, UK (w/Twisted Sister, Saxon, Cradle of Filth)
Rock Im Park, Austria
UCLA Art|Sci Center, LA, USA: June 2014
Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2014
Peninsula Arts Gallery, Devon, UK
Guildford ambient picnic Festival
Kerrang Scumfest, Highbury Garage
Camden Underworld, Barfly,
Islington Electrowerkz, London
St Andrews' Union, Scotland
Imperial College Union, London
Elgivia Theatre, Amersham
Klagenfurt Festival, Austria
B77, Vienna, Austria
Birmingham Sanctuary, Barfly

Composition (and/or production)

Reptile Rhythms, for EnsembleBash. Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2018. c.
Artificia for Neural Network and Piano, Royal College of Music, London, 14th Feb 2014.
Unfolding|Clusters (Federico Visi, Giovanni Dothel, Duncan Williams): UCLA art|sci center, 3rd June 2014, Los Angeles USA. Repeated at CIM14, Berlin, December 2014.
Concord for Five Elements (Peninsula Arts Contemporary Music Festival 2013) c,r,p. Repeated at ICMC Athens, Greece, September 2015.
Surfers Paradise - Various (DeWolfe DWCD0532) c,r,e
Rebel Tween - Various (EMI / KPM785) c,r,p
Nu-Indie Jukebox - Various (EMI / JM65) c,r,p
Christian O'Connels Top 50... - Theme/stings (MTV) c,r,p
The Island - Soundtrack (Kirk Bexley) c,r
Sony Vaio Laptop 2002 - Soundtrack r,e,p
Orange Telecommunications 2001 - Soundtrack c,r,e
Zero Cipher - Juggernaut (Nullvoid, Warner/Chappel) c,r,p
Zero Cipher - Diary of a Sadist (Anticulture/RSK, Warner/Chappel) c,r,p
Zero Cipher - 45 Minutes of Fairytale Endings/45rpm (Copro/PHD) c,r,p
Zero Cipher - She Loves Me Not (Future Publishing) c,r,p