Tuesday 3 March 2020

New book chapter and conference paper


I'm pleased to say that my chapter with long-term collaborator Dr Ian Daly, who works at the University of Essex's Brain Computer Interfacing and Neural Engineering research group, is now out.

Our chapter, "Hello Computer, How Am I Feeling?" Case Studies of Neural Technology to Measure Emotions, is part of our longer term collaboration on research into the field we are dubbing "Neurocuratorship" - more on that soon. The chapter features in C.S. Nam's new book, "Neuroergonomics, Principles and Practice" released in February by Springer.

In more publications news, we have a forthcoming conference paper (travel dependent!) accepted for ICSV27, the International Congress on Sound and Vibration, which is being held this year in Prague. If you are planning on going, do let me know. This paper is a collaboration with colleagues at Arup, looking at the use of EEG to determine neural and acoustic correlates of noise and perceived annoyance in environmental soundscapes.

References and details for both are now on the writing pages of this blog.

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