Friday 24 June 2016

Back from conference, new journal paper (sort of)


I'm back from visiting Leeds University to give a paper in the MAVIM II conference as part of the British Audio Visual Research Network (BARN), which was a very nice event, and also stopping by the Applied Psychoacoustics Laboratory run by my friend and colleague, Dr Hyunkook Lee, at Huddersfield University, where I gave a talk about the BCMI-MIdAS project last week. They have a spectacular facility for conducting multichannel evaluation that I have bagged a picture of below.

Finally, I'm pleased to say an article I wrote for the Analytical Approaches to World Music journal has been translated for the inaugaral edition of a new journal by Grupo de Estudios de Asia y América Latina, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. The journal is called Revista Asia América Latina, and you can read the article here.

There is plenty more news in the pipeline but for now I'll leave it at that, thank you for visiting!


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