Monday 20 July 2015

New journal article, forthcoming conference papers


I have a new article in the current Analytical Approaches to World Music journal, which looks at some examples from South America and Thailand including an acoustic analysis and some ethnomusicological approaches. The journal is 100% free (

Also in paper news, I have updated the publications page with details of five forthcoming conference papers, three first authored papers at the AES New York show in October, one co-authored paper in Xi'An, China in September, and one right here in Plymouth this September. All of the details are here. I haven't been to the New York convention since 2010 so if you are going drop me a line and I will look forward to seeing you there!

I am off to the states in a few weeks so updates might be sparse but please do check back soon for an update on our most recent set of experiments as part of BCMI-MIdAS, as we have a lot of work to report on shortly.



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