Monday 23 May 2011


AES was great fun and I managed to see plenty of familiar faces as well as get around to hearing about some very interesting work, although that had the knock-on effect that I didn't get much time to have a look at the new kit on show in the exhibition.

Since then, term time is back in full swing, but I've done a few 'out of the ordinary' things. I was asked (and accepted) a couple of technical book reviews for Focal Press / Elsevier, finished signing on the dotted line of a co-publishing deal with EMI (!), and, last but not least, spent the past couple of days working on an effects laden short film. More on that as and when I suppose. Lots of recording to do this week, including some mixing for an EP by a new Prog Rock band, 'Motion Theory', from Manchester, with a release planned in time for their various summer festival dates.

Thanks for stopping by. I absolutely promise to update my music player next time...


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