Thursday 18 November 2010

Royal Academy of Engineering, and some recordings

Too much going on to post this as three separate posts, so three in one it shall be!

Went to join in with Dr Tim Brookes' talk at the Royal Academy of Engineering on Tuesday - "Cutting Edge Research: Psychoacoustic Engineering at the IoSR". Lots of papers and demos on display (including one of mine), for the AES London branch. Great evening and good to see lots of familiar faces!

Spent yesterday recording some of Bach's Cello Solos in the Dennis Arnold Hall - a little pic to whet your appetite, testing our new Neumann's in anger. They sound great (surprise surprise!).

Finally, editing the recordings of Sir Peter Maxwell-Davies' workshop with our students to some semblance of a single CD... on that note, busy busy. Must get on!

- D

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