Friday 22 October 2010

Trevor Wishart in Concert

I spent yesterday working with Trevor to help rig up an immense speaker system for a retrospective concert featuring examples of his work from the last 30 years (from Vox 5 in quadrophonic sound to his latest multichannel piece).

My cameraphone picture here doesn't really do this justice (it was a packed house and the performances had to be repeated!) - but there are TWENTY-TWO speakers in action (four for vox-5, two subs and 7 surrounds for Two Women, and eight 1029a Genelecs plus sub for Encounters in the Republic of Heaven, Act 1).

Amazing sonic art and a lovely person, I'm really looking forward to working with Trevor more over the next year - he has now joined us in Oxford for a Leverhulme-funded residency.

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