Monday 14 January 2019

Few more publications and iCURE (Innovate UK) project update


I've added a few upcoming conference publications to the writing pages. If you are going to any of the following, I'll see you there:

AES/NAMM (Los Angeles, CA, February)
SXSW (Austin, TX, March)
AES146 (Dublin, March)
AESIIA (York, March)
Inter.Noise (Madrid, June)

I'm very pleased that results from our project with Arup will be seeing the light of day in a workshop session at AESIIA, and in a paper for Inter.Noise. We also have papers from our DC-Labs project on adaptive audio at both AESIIA and AES146, so again I'm very much looking forward to presenting our findings on biosensor responsive machine learning techniques for audio generation. We also have a new entry in proc. for the Springer Encyclopedia of Computer Graphics and Games, focusing on emotion in video game music, again details on the writing page.

Finally but no less importantly I'm delighted to have been awarded funding via iCURE (Innovate UK) for our WaveTrace project, which will mean a lot of international travel to discuss possible research directions over the coming 3 months. I'll be back in DC Labs in April but will try to update here with a travel log if I get time!

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