Tuesday 18 January 2011

New year and some research updates

Happy new year - term time is now officially back 'on'. I was invited to give a Research Seminar here in Oxford earlier, so gave a talk on "The semantics of Timbre"... If you are a current music student, the powerpoint slides are downloadable from my WebLearn page https://weblearn.ox.ac.uk/portal/hierarchy/humdiv/music/staff/individual_s/duncan_willi. If you aren't, I'll be adding an abstract/pdf and bibtex to the publications section here as soon as I get a chance. I'm giving a poster at the Phonetics department's "Sound Day" next month so will try to get that up here too.

Term time is ridiculously busy already - I've been recording Martyn Harry's latest Opera "The Golden Fish", put on/composed by FHS2012 BA and Graduate composition students at St John's Auditorium over the last couple of days, with the last show tomorrow - it's a fantastic piece of work and a joy to watch. We've also taken delivery of our multichannel Genelec 8040 sound system, with full HD projector for the Denis Arnold Hall. Tie-lines are being installed to the control room so we can record ensembles of almost any size, in house, at the Faculty, with acoustic treatment due by the end of term. I can't wait!

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