Monday 15 November 2010

M@SH: Experimental Music at St Hildas College, Oxford

Well, this Saturday saw me engineering a marathon 8 hours of new music from the Center for Experimental Music, (literally, the M@SH marathon), at St Hildas College, here at Oxford University.

The picture above shows the view from my desk - together with Chris Garrard and Chris Ferrebee (both DPhil composition students in the Faculty) we rigged an 8 channel PA and location recording system for the event.

As well as performances by Trevor Wishart, virtuoso jazz pianist Pat Thomas, and Paul Whitty with Exquisite Corpse, there were improvised pieces and new works by composers from all over Oxford, performances of pieces by Karl Stockhausen and Alvin Lucier, and art installations from the Ruskin School of Fine Art.

A wonderful event held at the Jacqueline Du Pre music building, everything went extremely smoothly. To keep an eye on what the M@SH team are doing next, see!

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